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All-round sustainability

Grupo Caparrós is leading a comprehensive strategy covering environmental, economic and social areas to achieve maximum efficiency.

Work that is well done now guarantees growth and progress in the future. By faithfully following this saying, Grupo Caparrós has managed to position itself as it should be, as one of the benchmark companies in the European agri-food industry, and not only regarding its volume figure and business turnover, but also on the subject of involvement with the environment, the local economy and its social context. “We have always worked towards being a sustainable company, seeking efficiency, business excellence and the creation of value”, the manager, Pedro Caparrós, explains. For this reason they are increasing their efforts and they are steering them towards the development and promotion of different aspects: the Caparrós Premium brand name; the boosting of social campaigns by promoting food and habits for a healthy lifestyle that has already received well-deserved recognition by the first Award to ‘Naos Business Strategy Initiative 2015’, from the Ministry of Health given for its Healthy, Social and Solidary Caparrós Plan; and an environmentally sustainable approach in all its processes (biological control, ecological certificates, integrated production, quality policy and carbon and water footprint). All of this is added to the continuous modernising of its facilities and the provision of new equipment, such as the investment made to implement state of the art technology for its watermelon line.

Another of the aspects that define the Grupo Caparrós is its constant innovation, which can be seen by its catalogue, where high value produce stands out. A clear example is the Pre-prepared and Ready-cooked line of Lobello tomatoes, which includes gazpacho, mousse and colouring, preservative and gluten-free homemade preserves. And the company’s eagerness to improve day by day is also worth mentioning. With good reason they have obtained an excellent E-Siab score, an evaluation tool from MAPAMA that measures the sustainability of companies at all levels.

Amongst its up and coming challenges is the development of several research projects, such as the nutritional characteristics of the Lobello tomato, depending on the type of crop, carried out alongside Tecnova, and the results of this project will be shown at the next edition of Fruit Logistica. They are also working along with other organisations on the creation of four Operational Groups from the European Innovation Association on the subject of agricultural productivity and sustainability. One of them involves environmental footprint, framed by the 2020-30 Sustainability strategy.

All this background is added to the important commitment to the quality of its produce (amongst which the Caparrós Premium seedless watermelon “La roja con más sabor” (The red one with the best flavour) and the Lobello pear cherry tomato stand out), which allows the company to reach the most demanding markets.

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