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FASHION: R&D+i in juices and more internationalisation

The launch of the new watermelon drink, We Squeeze and an innovative project for producing watermelons in the Arab Emirates are amongst the latest developments

The AGF Group continues to develop important strategic lines in order to improve a unique product that has revolutionised the watermelon sector: FASHION. The R&D+i department has shown a clear commitment to health, a global concept that is promoted through the presentation of new products. In this case, the new development is FASHION watermelon fruit juice, developed and marketed by the multinational, AMC JUICES and available on all the EL Corte Inglés platforms under the brand name We Squeeze FASHION watermelon.

Parallel to this, the brand’s internationalisation has been a fundamental element since 2015. Today, exports make up 45% of the total sales (90% of which go to Germany, with France being the next most important market). Outside Europe, ‘La más dulce’ has made significant inroads on the main Arab markets at a good rate, thanks to an innovative programme for exporting which has been used for the last two campaigns. At present, FASHION is already being marketed in Dubai and Doha and in the medium term FASHION could even be produced in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) using local partners who would grow this produce in the Autumn months (for harvesting from January to March). Production at destination would only be possible during these months and it would be unfeasible from March onwards due to the extreme heat and this is when the Spanish supply would come back into play (harvesting from April onwards).

In order to develop this project, the AGF Group is relying on cooperation with Nunhems – Bayer Cropscience, which is taking charge of the technical assistance for the production, since there is no experience in the growing of triploid watermelons at these latitudes. The possibility of producing at destination is an attempt to give greater continuity to AGF Group’s sales programmes in the region, as well as ensuring customer loyalty to a Premium product. Therefore, it would provide an answer to the main obstacle to marketing in the UAE: the high air transport cost (the logistics of shipping by sea are not possible due to the post-harvest characteristics of this fruit).

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