Clemcott says goodbye until 2017

After 5 months on the market, the Clemcott mandarin season has reached its end.
Once again, European consumers have been able to enjoy the exceptional quality that only the certified quality the Clemcott mandarin offers the market.
As in previous years, Clemcott have been found in all the best European shopping centres until May. Spain’s good weather conditions have meant Clemcott’s characteristic de-seasonalisation has been slightly prolonged.
Clemcott is backed by CVVP which, with its eagerness to offer relevant information to develop the best selection of the Nadorcott variety, informs all the international marketing chains through its purchasing managers. Therefore, the legitimate values held by Clemcott are transmitted each season.
CVVP’s work has been developing for years, season after season, maintaining quality standards from the fields to the marketing centres, to the full satisfaction of farmers, purchasing managers and end consumers. The latter have valued Clemcott’s exclusivity during this campaign.
Recognising and defending the good methods and work performed by the farmers in the fields, Clemcott’s communication campaign talks directly to the purchasing managers who, eager to select the best produce for their retail establishments, request a mandarin with excellent quality, which also has a Black label with data matrix code.
Beyond the quality and excellent properties, Clemcott is the mandarin used by the Master Chefs, as is shown by this season’s communication campaign; an exclusive mandarin, worthy of the most demanding buyers who are seeking quality fruit that reaches the height of their expectations.

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