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Strengthening Orri’s control in Spain and Portugal

In order to maintain a controlled commercial offer that provides the desired economic results, the control systems of this protected variety are being strengthened on the Iberian mainland.
With the first campaign about to be completed, Orri Running Committee (ORC) states that there are no plans to increase the quota of trees licensed in Spain and Portugal, set at 1.3 million trees.
After successfully completing the regularisation of the plantations of this mandarin existing prior to March 2013, belonging to the Agricultural Research Organisation in Israel, the ORC has started working to defend the interests of its over 360 associated producers, inspecting the Orri plantations in order to detect non-regularised developments and collaborating with The Enforcement Organization, S.L., (TEO) to bring legal actions to defend the variety.
These first actions have been carried out in the Region of Murcia and Andalusia. Likewise, presumed illegal plantations are being investigated in the other Spanish citrus fruit areas.
It is estimated that the harvest marketed during the season that is now ending has reached approximately 26,000 tonnes (Tm), although this will triplicate and reach 80,000 Tm in a few years’ time.
The exceptional characteristics of this late-harvest mandarin and the controlled offer business philosophy have allowed Orri to be positioned in the Premium segment, with record prices both at source (between 0.8 and 1.1 euros/kg) and at destination (average ERP of 3.6 euros). The trade volume is around 94 million euros which, when the licensed trees come into full production, could rise to 240 million.
Orri is a mandarin from Israel that is doubly protected both by the Spanish authorities and by the European community authorities, which has been developed by the Volcani Center (Israel). Amongst the characteristics of this late-harvesting fruit the fact that it is an easypeeler, it is lowseed and its excellent organoleptic qualities with a high sugar content that give its magnificent flavour all stand out. In addition to this, it has a very resistant deep orange coloured peel, which provides excellent conservation, both on the tree and during the post-harvest and post-sale periods, with a very wide harvesting period, which in the northern hemisphere prolongs from January to May and allows the shipments to be staggered.
Orri Running Committee (ORC) is a private, non-profit making association, with head offices in Valencia that assumes the work involved in the control and defence of its licence holders, as well as their commercial promotion.
This control is complemented by TEO against third party producers who do not have their plantations regularised and who therefore, are infringing the rights acknowledged both to the variety owner and the farmers who have assumed these obligations. Likewise, it is the organisation that is responsible for ensuring the commitments taken on with the owner of the variety on the Iberian Mainland, TEO, in the licence for use and exploitation of the variety are fulfilled.
The dedication given by ORC collaborating in the defence of the interests of the vegetable variety is such that it is creating the web site, which the public can use to access news and activities developed by ORC, as well as certain steps that allow the recognition of “Orri” plantations that are under ORC control. It is even predicted that ORC will start to implement a localisation system using maps and GPS of the legalised farms.

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