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“El Colmo de los Colmos” of Spanish Artichokes

In March, Murcia held its first artichoke cutting ceremony coinciding with the harvest of the second season, which takes place in the spring. With “El colmo de los colmos” (Second harvest to none), the Region of Murcia is claiming its place as the number one Spanish production area for artichokes and the second in the European ranking.

This is how Antonio Galindo, chairman of the Artichoke Association of Spain emphasised this point: “We produce 45% of the artichokes grown in Spain and it was time that our Region hosted an event of this type, to celebrate the importance of this crop for Murcia and with the entire artichoke sector, both fresh and industrial (frozen and tinned)”.

The event’s sponsor was the Water, Agriculture and Environmental Minister for the Region of Murcia, Adela Martínez-Cachá. She cut the first artichoke in Murcia, at a ceremony that was held on the farm of Los Buenos de San Javier, along with Antonio Galindo, and the town’s mayor, José Miguel Luengo.

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