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Great prospects for Arael

The variety is increasing its sales and is the focal point of the efforts by Bayer’s Seminis

“The fields and the entire marketing chain are endorsing the quality of Arael,” the California pepper variety that Bayer distributes under its brand, Seminis. The good behaviour that it has had during its commercial introduction year and the first year of marketing “offers very good future growth prospects,” indicates Luis Twose, the company’s sales manager.

Its resistance to powdery mildew, its production and high quality make this material profitable for farmers. However, Twose recalls that “having a resistant variety does not mean that preventive treatments should not be carried out.” And, on this point, he recommends applying the nematicide-fungicide Velum® Prime by Bayer CropScience, ideal for forestalling powdery mildew and nematodes in pepper crops like Arael.

The entire chain of value can make the most of Arael’s advantages, which have been ‘studied to be perfect.’ Evidence of this are its mainly G calibre and the exceptional quality of the fruit, with 72% of the crop having extra quality in some cooperatives in Almeria.

More advantages

Its plant, which is open, has a good root system and, due to its architecture, it is easy to handle and does not need pruning. It has a high, staggered production. Arael also behaves very well regarding over-ripeness at the start of the crop, and it offers a very good post-harvest.

The fruit turn from green to red, passing through shades of chocolate brown in hot weather conditions and they maintain a homogeneous G calibre throughout the entire cycle, optimum of flow packs and selling loose, with hardly any micro-cracking, even at the end of the harvest.

New developments

The company continues working on new developments to extend the pepper portfolio. The next new development will arrive next year with a variety of Lamuyo with resistance to powdery mildew. In this segment, Seminis continues to hold the leadership in the early cycle with Baquero.

Bayer will speed up its R&D+i with the implementation of its new installations in San Nicolás (Almeria). A centre of world excellence specialising in the growing of solanaceae and cucurbitaceae crops where they develop double haploid materials, shortening the development time of new materials by up to four years.

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