The United Kingdom overtakes France as the destination for Almeria’s fruit and vegetables


Cajamar has presented the Almeria Fruit and Vegetable Campaign Analysis that indicates stability.

The positive part is the growth in exports to the United Kingdom (+4.9% in volume and +25.8% in value), which for the first time has managed to oust France as the second destination for Almeria’s fruit and vegetables in terms of value. An unexpected “surprise” that allays Brexit’s gloomy predictions in the sector.

The other side of the coin is the new drop the tomato. According to Cajamar’s report, the tomato crop surface area has fallen by 2.7% with respect to 2019/20. If we look at figures from the past 5 campaigns, the decrease is of -15.17% hectares. In production terms, it has dropped by 7.3%, making a total of 739,363 t in 2020/21, and under the export chapter, it makes up just 14% of the total exported fruit and vegetables, when at one time it represented up to 26%. “The tomato has lost 13 points of importance in world exports since 2012/13. We were 3rd and now we are 5th after Morocco and Turkey,” points out Roberto García Torrente, Head of Agrifood Innovation at Cajamar.


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