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The company from Almeria offers machinery adapted to environmentally-friendly formats.

2021 has started off with several innovation and development challenges for this company from Almeria, INDUSER. The goal continues to be to design machines that adapt to the new packaging formats, reducing the use of plastic or proposing other materials as alternatives.

The company has managed to refine the functionality of its best-selling solutions: circular, linear and horizontal weighing machines. The last of these was conceived for long-shaped fruit and vegetables such as courgettes, carrots, green beans or cucumbers, and recently they have incorporated a system for product netting at the end of the line, which includes the possibility of using compostable netting, therefore reducing the use of other solutions such as cling film.

Regarding this point, Pedro Martínez Lázaro, co-founder and sales manager, upholds: “We want to respond and anticipate the legislative changes that are on the way, around the world. Our close professional relationship with other countries such as France makes us aware of the commitment that we must acquire to reach our one-use plastic reduction goal. For this reason, we have adapted our horizontal weighing machine to be able to integrate a netting machine into it. We combine accuracy, delicate treatment and in this particular case, netting.”

Parallel to these initiatives, over the past month INDUSER has concluded its collaboration with the companies Novagric and Tecnova with the innovative ‘Greendomo’. A project that was started in 2018 and that had the following key targets: to develop an urban crop production system without using any artificial light, taking fresh, residue-free local produce to consumers and implementing an integral architecture with the city.

For this initiative, developed by the Industrial Technnological Development Centre (CDTI) and the Ministry for Science, Innovation and Universities, INDUSER has designed the structures that hold the crops, automating the bands that are used to support the harvesting process and developing the inventory management system with an interface for consumer use.

For Induser, which has recently celebrated its 17th anniversary, participating in a project of this level, represents the commitment to constant innovation and its capacity to diversify to offer engineering solutions that respond to the needs of the fruit and vegetable sector.

Finally, the company that won the SME of the year 2020 award will take part in the next edition of Fruit Attraction from the 5th to 7th of October, where it will continue sharing innovations, following the same environmentally-friendly lines.

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