Karamel: flavour and health


Keops Agro’s gourmet range will be the star at Fruit Attraction

The company from Almeria Keops Agro is launching two new cherry tomatoes: Karamel Cerise (round) and Karamel Rome (plum type), which it will present at the trade fair in Madrid. And the fact is that “Fruit Attraction represents an excellent showcase and meeting point with our clients and friends from the national and international markets,” states María del Mar de Águila, Communication Manager for the company.

The Karamel range is differentiated by its special sweetness and enhancement of the products’ organoleptic characteristics and by being a healthy source of vitamins and minerals. The tomatoes from this range are best eaten in salads to appreciate all the fresh, natural flavour of their flesh.

Keops Agro, which has been growing crops with ecological certification for 20 years, controls everything necessary to develop its crops through its 360º ECO cycle. It produces bio cereal from which it feeds its livestock, the Alhamilla stud farm, from which they obtain the vegetable nutrients necessary for the production. In its R&D department, the organisms are studied for pest control and they also have some packaging installations near to the farm, therefore avoiding transport and waiting times, which guarantees maximum freshness and contribute to environmental sustainability.

Furthermore, the company is developing the Epigen technology, which consists of giving nutrients to the plants that make them more resistant to diseases and pathogens, influencing their growth and health. Thanks to a correct handling of the production system, it allows both the microbiology and the auxiliary fauna to be maintained at optimum levels and, as a result, an increase in plant defence is obtained, encouraging the post-harvest quality on the supermarket shelves.

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