“Larsson RZ is making a big entrance”

The excellent results of Rijk Zwaan’s broccoli variety mean it is definitely here to stay

Larsson RZ was launched in 2018, and now, in its second campaign, everything we see makes us believe that “after a very tasty first commercial year, sales are undoubtedly going to increase exponentially,” as José Antonio Hernández, Brassica crop specialist from Rijk Zwaan, states. And the fact is that the results offered by this variety with double suitability are convincing the farmers in the main production region, Murcia. The main element to be emphasised is the homogeneity of the cut (the plot can be cleaned in just two), “this sets it apart because other varieties require 3 cuts”, and an excellent post-harvest.

But this is not the only point. With Larsson RZ production is increased, as it allows one extra plant per square metre. That is to say, “it offers greater yield” as “the separation between plants” is decreased. The heads, which are very compact, round and with a very closed base, encourage plant health and the product’s shelf life and they make this material the perfect option for the end of autumn, winter and the start of spring.

Another of this material’s added values is its endurance in the field. “It takes longer for them to go from 400 grams to 600-700 than with other varieties, without losing weight or becoming over ripe”. A characteristic that is very important with regard to dates with production peaks when there is a shortage of workers in the fields.

Larsson RZ “has made a big entrance onto the market and it is definitely here to stay. Everyone has seen its good conditions in the fields (it is not sensitive to diseases), along with its commercial possibilities and its good post-harvest results,” Hernández concludes.

At the same time, the company also has Robredo RZ for spring harvests. In this case, the variety stands out due to its good colour, post-harvest and very grouped harvesting “even in a single pass.”

Looking to the future, they are continuing trials of a new variety for harvesting in mid-winter that will stand out due to its fine grain, colour, post-harvest and the strength of the plant.

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