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Logo campaign for the outermost regions

The outermost regions join together to promote the quality of their produce

The Outermost Regions (OR) of France, Portugal and Spain have joined together in a promotion campaign that will continue until 2019, in order to promote the stamp that distinguishes the quality of these agrifood products, obtained thousands of kilometres from the European continent.

The campaign, under the slogan “The logo of the Outermost Regions. Born under a European Star”, is the torch-bearer for banana and plantain producers from the Canary Islands (Spain), Madeira (Portugal) and Martinique and Guadalupe (both French) and it will reach not only these three countries, but it will also be extended to Belgium, Germany and Poland.

Amongst the activities, the one that will be carried out on board the three-masted schooner ‘Le Marité’ stands out, which will travel around 18 European cities and where visitors will be able to see an exhibition of photographs, showing pictures of the different products grown in these regions.

The sails of this vessel will also show the OR’s logo prominently, composed of a sun, a blue wave (representing the sea), a green wave (representing the agricultural tradition) and the name of the outermost region it comes from.

The programme also includes an educational project where schoolchildren will study the OR of Europe and their banana and plantain productions.

Likewise, they will take part in food trade fairs in the six countries included in the campaign that will be complemented with actions in the Media and through both Facebook and the website

Another of the goals is for others, as with the banana sector, such as the tomato or the papaya sectors to start promoting their production using this logo, which is a clear demonstration of the added value that non-continental Europe can provide in food safety and quality.


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