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Europlátano has been given the PGI certificate

This recognition guarantees the quality, sustainability and the recovery of the traditional values of the crop.

Europlátano is the first Organisation of Canary Banana Producers to obtain this certificate.

The PGI seal raises the Canary banana to a higher level of recognition and protection as a unique product that guarantees consumers the characteristics pertaining to the identity of the Canary banana crop, singled out by weather conditions, water, soil and the actual management of the producers on their farms, as well as the traceability and quality controls performed on the bananas.

The certification, carried out by Sohiscert, consisted of a process lasting several weeks, in which compliance requirements were verified and checked both on the farms and in the processing and ripening centres.

The event, which took place at the head offices of Europlátano in Los Llanos de Aridane, was attended by the Deputy Minister for Farming, Fishing, and Food from the Government of the Canary Islands, Abel Morales, and José Basilio Pérez, Councillor for Farming, Livestock, and Fishing from the Council of La Palma; as well as representatives from Sohiscert, Eduardo Merello Álvarez, Managing Director, and María Fernández Jódar, audit manager; and from Europlátano, Francisco Lorenzo Speranzini, Chairman of the organisation of producers, and Antonio Javier Luis Brito, Manager of the OPB.

For Francisco Lorenzo Speranzini “this accreditation confirms that the effort made by the producers and the personnel from Europlátano to improve the produce quality has been worthwhile and proof of this are the acknowledgements that Gabaceras and Canary Gold are obtaining.”

Europlátano’s production is characterised by its high level of commitment and work that guarantees consumers quality produce, with greater flavour and longer shelf life; in addition to its commitment to the ecological, biological and organic line protecting the tradition both for the crop and the labour force.

This effort has been the route taken by this OPB to receive the GRASP certification of good social practices, a recognition developed by GlobalGAP.

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