Magnus is supplying calibre during difficult times

Bejo increases sales of its star variety by 30%

The asparagus market demands calibre and quality. Two characteristics that are difficult to obtain at certain times of the year. Bejo’s Magnus variety has overcome this challenge and the word has spread amongst the producers like wildfire: this year its sales have grown by 30% compared to the previous year around the different production areas.

Bejo is not new to this crop (it has two decades behind it as a breeder in this segment) and, when developing this material, it chose the main crop areas in Spain to carry out its R&D. Foundations that allowed it to obtain the best qualities and optimise Magnus in the real conditions it faces every day. The result is a very uniform variety, homogeneous (both structurally and in crop growth), with more spears per square metre and larger and heavier than those of other varieties on the market. All of this brings greater quality and allows the investment to be capitalised, saving in labour, which is translated into a profit for the producers and distribution chains, Rafael de Vicente, a Development expert from the company, explained to Fruit Today.

Another of Magnus’ differential values is its very sweet flavour, which separates it from the traditional bitterness of another type of asparagus, wild green asparagus, therefore, covering the market demands. Its crunchy, un-stringy texture (even at the bottom), allows the entire spear to be eaten (even raw), preventing any waste. “Some of the best chefs in Spain already know about this variety and they love it,” De Vicente affirms.

In Bejo’s catalogue another variety that continues to grow in sales is the purple speciality, Erasmus, included in the Purple Power concept. “The variety was very successful at Fruit Logistica due to its colour and to its very sweet flavour and to its higher level of sugars that are naturally present in the spear.” As with Magnus, it may be eaten fresh, for example in salads, bringing a different, tasty touch to them.

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