A “complicated” garlic campaign

Rain, quality and price have marked a year in which Peregrín One Garlic is attempting to consolidate its business on different markets such as the USA.

In general terms, this year the garlic campaign is not looking very promising. The drop in quality caused by the rain is added to threats such as possible increases in duties in Brazil, and, at the start of the chain, the shortage of manpower for an essential task, the cutting of the garlic in the fields. In this situation, companies such as Peregrín One Garlic are opting for restricting the crops. The company plans on producing 30% less than last year, and they will concentrate on specific regions such as Cordoba, where the harvest, if the weather continues in the same vein, will possibly be earlier than other years. In total, 150 hectares will be added, of which 15 will have ecological crops of the Spring blanco variety, comments Assistant Director Diego Mª Martínez.

Peregrín One Garlic’s range is extensive, including all the commercial varieties of garlic (morado, Spring blanco and violeta), both in conventional and ecological crops, and they are being sold with the brand names Platinum Garlic and Naturgreen Garlic, respectively.

The team from Peregrín One Garlic has a track record of over three decades in the sector. They are producers, handlers and marketers and their policy of working “only with their own garlic or garlic from nationally-sourced third parties”, allows them greater control over the production. An aspect that is opening up doors for them in the USA. (this will be their second year selling there) and, in the near future, also in France, where they have already made their first contacts.

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