Melinda and La Trentina join together to form a single trading subsidiary

Melinda and La Trentina have signed an agreement to establish a common organisation to market their produce, respecting their own brands

It is a highly significant alliance for the future of the sector since it will bring benefits on a social level; it will promote an improvement in sales, as well as optimise the resources from both companies. And it also brings about an opportunity to redefine the variety structure and select the best quality fruit from these two realities in the territory.

The chairman of Cooperación Trentina, Mauro Fezzi, explained that “this cooperation arises from the need to integrate small farms to make them grow. It is the market that needs increasingly larger agents.”

According to Michele Odorizzi, chairman of Melinda, “for several years the need to find synergies has been apparent. Now we have reached the right moment. We are aware of the increase in apple crops worldwide. Competition is growing and with this first step we want to coordinate our companies to give an effective response to the territory. The collaboration will not only refer to the commercial aspects, but also to the production organisation.”

The chairman of La Trentina, Rodolfo Brochetti went into the details of the agreement, which is divided up into a temporary part (valid for 2017) and a definitive part, looking to the future. “The aim is to establish an organisation that manages the entire commercial phase for both operators. In the commercial aspect, new opportunities are arising to improve the local productions. We must not forget that we also produce Dro plums and kiwis. Another of the keys to this agreement has to do with variety range, since we will make changes in the offer, decreasing the amount of Golden apples. We hope that this union becomes a catalyst for a reorganization process on a provincial scale.”

For the advisor Michele Dallapiccola, this agreement will help overcome the weakness deriving from the fragmentation of the sector.

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