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Sat San Cayetano is extending the bio range in its portfolio. They are adding green celery and butternut squash to last season’s California peppers and aloe vera.

In the current ‘biological’ campaign, the marketer moved around 2,000 tonnes of peppers and nearly one and a half million celery heads.

The company does not rule out continuing to extend this product portfolio, as long as the products have sufficient importance in the conventional area. Grapefruits are at this point; they are one of the citrus fruits that the company prepares most. “We have seen an upswing in grapefruits, probably as it is a product that is closely associated with health, explains José García, manager of the company.

The new products will reach the distribution channel under the registered brand name ‘Alpi Bio’, with sustainable packaging, in accordance with consumer demands for this range of produce.

Export is the basic commercial pillar on which San Cayetano is based, since of the 70,000 tonnes marketed, 75% go to European destinations.

Exclusive infrastructures for bio

Currently, the SAT Cayetano is in the middle of extending its infrastructures with an expansion plan valued at 3 million euros, including an adjacent building for the sole preparation of biological produce. The investment reaches around 3 million euros and it will mean an extra 4,000 square metres of space and it will have four cold storage rooms, two for produce coming from the fields and another two for prepared produce, ready for delivery. It will also acquire an electronic gauge that will only be used for this type of produce.

With the new restructuring, there will be room for a spacious forecourt as a fuel supply point and pre-installation for electrical charging, as well as a remodelled car park, where lorries can even stay overnight.

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