New potatoes from Malaga by the company Ibérica de Patatas

iberica de patatas

This year, Ibérica de Patatas, leader in marketing potatoes in Spain, is once again sending new potatoes from Malaga to retailers.

New potatoes from Malaga are a unique produce which, on the one hand, gives value to the normal potato offer at this point in the season, mainly long-life potatoes from France or new potatoes from countries such as Israel or Morocco; and on the other hand, this encourages the consumption of seasonal local produce. This time, around 600,000 kilos are due to be marketed, since this year’s campaign will be slightly shorter as it started late due to the weather conditions.

Until a few years ago, it was very difficult to acquire this variety in large retailers, since it is a very fresh product and with a shorter shelf life than other types of potato. Ibérica decided to put new potatoes from Malaga on the supermarket shelves for the first time in 2008, thanks to its know-how and to the infrastructure necessary that guarantees the distribution of this variety in optimum conditions in terms of quality and presentation to consumers, as they are very fresh and very delicate potatoes.

The initiative by Ibérica de Patatas to take this produce to large retailers, as well as its excellent reception by consumers, who value this new potato from Malaga more and more, due to its flavour, quality and freshness, has contributed to increasing the cultivation of this variety in the region. In fact, Ibérica de Patatas sells the seed potatoes to farmers in the province. Since Ibérica introduced this product in retail stores 9 years ago, production has increased by 30%.

New potatoes are easily identified: when touching them the skin comes off without any resistance and when frying them, they are less yellow and their texture is crunchier. Rich in carbohydrates, a highly important part of our daily diet, experts in nutrition recommend they should be eaten on a daily basis, along with vegetables, in salads, with pulses and in purees.

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