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San Marzano

Gavà is exclusively marketing the new ‘San Marzano’ type from Seminis, which continues to develop flavourful varieties

The fact that a tomato has a first and last name is a clear sign that we are talking about a very high-quality product. This is the case of San Roque, a brand with which Gavá has launched the latest product from Seminis onto the market. The Catalan company formalised the exclusive deal with Bayer at the last edition of Fruit Attraction. The variety is a San Marzano type tomato with great flavour that will be marketed over the next three years.

Luis García, tomato development manager for the Mainland at Bayer, explained to Fruit Today that this material belongs to the seed company’s flavour development line. An example of this is a range of Marmande tomatoes, which is resistant to yellow leaf curl virus and spotted virus, with a high production and great flavour. “We already have two materials and a third one is on the way,” he advances.

For this spring campaign, the Seminis brand is offering an extensive tomato portfolio with high potential varieties.

Laujar, its short cycle range, is suitable for both autumn and spring as it sets in high temperatures, it has short internodes and a significant generative capacity. It has intensely red fruit, which are hardy and do not go soft in the spring, an element that has turned it into a reference in Almeria. And its resistance to yellow leaf curl virus, spotted, virus, Fulvia, Stemphylium and nematodes is an added bonus “in a year with an enormous amount of courgettes, which causes many problems with pests such as thrips,” García declares.

Its loose tomato, Bateyo is for long cycle, but it is mainly harvested in the spring. Broadly speaking, it can be defined as a Daniela type, but with more flavour, regardless of how the crop is handled. And the flavour is what turns it into a unique product in the segment.

Basilea, a green tomato specifically for the autumn, can also be used for spring crops, always using saline water. A sine qua non condition that makes it “forgery-proof” and guarnatees its flavour. It generates a very high production in the Níjar region, with the strength of its root system and its resistances to yellow leaf curl virus and spotted virus standing out.

In Murcia, Calabardina is the reference beefsteak tomato due to its excellent resistance package, as well as its quality and flavour. García points out that it needs heat stress conditions, therefore it needs to be grown under nets in Murcia and in the open air in Zafarraya (Granada). “In spite of the fact that it does not have the long life gene, its fruits are very hardy and highly resistant, therefore they have taken over the market in Zafarraya.”

Presence at Phytoma

On the 11th and 12th of December, the brand De Ruiter took part in the International Meeting Phytoma “Plant health in tomato growing: from today’s risks to the new threats,” held in Águilas (Murcia),where in addition to giving a talk, it acted as a sponsor. This talk informed of the importance of developing solutions to the challenges of today’s farming, such as the presence of nematodes in our soils and the need to increase crop productivity. Accordingly, the New Generation of Rootstocks was presented, the best examples of which are Dynafort, Vitalfort and DR0141TX.


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