Semillas Fitó and elBullifoundation are publishing ‘Sapiens del tomate’


The book, the most complete book on tomatoes, connects knowledge and offers an overall view of the most-produced and best-valued fruit in the world.

‘Sapiens del tomate’ is a research project that is the idea of Semillas Fitó and elBullifoundation aimed at understanding what a tomato is from the holistic and interconnected point of view, going through all its aspects, ranging from its history, its agronomic and production development, its culinary uses to its role in society.

The tomato is one of the most used ingredients in the Mediterranean diet. In Spain over 5,000,000 tonnes are produced per year and Semillas Fitó Works with over 30 types of this iconic product, in different shapes, sizes and colours. The company is highly appreciated by farmers for responding to the market demands, asking for highly flavoured varieties that are productive. But is it a fruit or a vegetable? Are tomatoes created or produced? What is the best variety for eating in salads?

The book ‘Sapiens del tomate’ brings together the agronomical knowledge of Semillas Fitó and the gastronomic experience of elBullifoundation to explain how the tomato has evolved, both its fruit and its use in the kitchen, along with its weight in politics or art. Through the multidisciplinary analysis method ‘Sapiens,’ a journey is undertaken that started thousands of years ago in America and that has yet to come to an end. “This is not a book of recipes, it is a book of knowledge,” Chef Ferran Adrià states.

‘Sapiens del tomate’ embodies the social commitment that joins Semillas Fitó and elBullifoundation. Therefore, the project intends to be another step on the road towards the continuous transformation of the agrifood industry through seeds, and it offers new knowledge to gastronomic restaurants in particular, and to other disciplines in general: botany, chemistry, trade, amongst many others. This knowledge allows us to understand what we do, and this helps us to produce, buy, cook, eat or innovate better.

This work is addressed to people related to the world of the tomato, either in gastronomic restaurants, biology or farming. It is also interesting and enriching for the food industry and for the public in general, particularly for those with gastronomic leanings and who are interested in finding out more about the produce, its characteristics, its culinary applications and its history, among many other aspects.

‘Sapiens del tomate’ forms part of the ‘Bullipedia’ by Ferran Adrià, the first great encyclopaedia on gastronomy, creativity and innovation; and it may be acquired from the 5th of October on the web site

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