The first guacamole to win this award


For the first time on the Spanish market a guacamole has received the distinction of ‘Flavour of the Year’.

Flavour, aroma, texture were the determining factors for it to reach the verdict of favourite. This recipe, recently launched and now on sale in the supermarkets Consum and Unide, complements the company’s range of guacamoles. The signature recipe, with an intense flavour, has meant Bonnysa’s guacamole could be differentiated from amongst the other options.

Bonnysa started its line of guacamoles in 2017, as a result of its experience in intermediation with tropical fruits and its knowhow about convenience food ranges. The selection process at the best sources, as well as the ripening work, allow the company from Alicante to have the best raw material at its optimum moment of ripeness, two essential aspects in the preparation of the guacamole and that give it an added value that is translated into an intense flavour for consumers.

As indicated by Bonnysa’s Sales Manager, Jorge I. Brotóns, “this distinction consolidates all the work that the company is carrying out regarding convenience and ready-cooked food ranges, which already make up 20% of our invoicing, where we are in line with consumers, opting for quality fresh products.”

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