Zirconyta, star cherry tomatoes

The latest variety from Seminis is convincing both farmers and specialist companies in its first year on the market

Jerónimo Maldonado is one of these farmers, well-known in the sector for his good work. Located in Albuñol (Granada), he is confident in his cherry tomatoes crops and his wide experience has led him to be a specialist on the subject. Fruit Today met up with him on his 8,000 m² farm to discover his impressions firsthand about the Zirconyta variety from Seminis. The good condition of the crop, planted on the 20th of September with Dynafort rootstock, speaks for itself: homogenous, consistent fruit, with great colour and good flavour, on a plant in perfect conditions after surviving the harsh winter. And other advantages to be taken into account, as indicated by the producer, are its “endurance on the plant without splitting, which benefits us regarding prices because we can expect to cut when it interests us most and the fact that they never grow too large” (an aspect that is penalised in price by some marketing companies). “They are always between 25-30 mm.” Jerónimo has decided to harvest from November to May, “but this could be done throughout the summer” (he doesn’t do this due to other competitor countries coming into production, meaning that, in general, the profitability drops).

This farmer is just one example of the good results being obtained by Zirconyta in its first year on the market. “On the Granada Coast it is working very well, particularly in the leading companies in the segment, which are the most demanding ones,” according to Daniel Ferreira, sales manager of Seminis in Malaga and Granada. Its hardiness allows a good post-harvest along with the fact that the produce travels without any difficulties, arriving at its destination in perfect conditions. Its flavour and commercial calibre complete the advantages of a variety that is framed within the so-called Commodity Premium and that has the correct characteristics for any market.

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