Blueberries still on the rise

Consumption of blueberries in the European market has continued to rise in recent years, reflecting the tendency in the American market

However, despite this upward trend, the market is experiencing stagnating prices in both the USA and Europe. In Europe, this is even more the case during the overseas season (September-March), and in the USA this is the tendency during the months of June-August and October-March.

“New exporters” such as Morocco, Mexico, and Peru have reduced their production outside the season. In the upcoming years, there is expected to be a greater expansion of global blueberry production. This will contribute to price stagnation since investments in new plantations have not yet been completed, in addition to the fact that recent plantations have not yet attained their total production capacity.

The potential advantage of a lower price level has, on the other hand, a positive side since it may promote consumption.

Nevertheless, greater worldwide availability of blueberries may result in larger retail containers at a lower price, as was the case in the USA at the peak of Chilean imports. And a secondary positive effect of this tendency is a reduction in the use of plastic.


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