UNITEC is the key partner for Spanish blueberry producers

Export continues to grow also thanks to UNITEC sorting systems
UNIQ Blueberry

Spanish small fruit producers are more and more attentive to quality. In recent years this characteristic has contributed to a double-digit growth in export value equal to 35% of the blueberry category alone – as stated by the FEPEX reports. In this process, UNITEC solutions for quality selection have played a fundamental role.

As a matter of fact, UNITEC is a crucial partner for countries, such as Spain, in which the export market is important.  This is because the Italian company, now operating at an international level, collaborates with fruit growers in order to deliver products of consistent quality over time that can satisfy consumers’ demands in a timely manner and withstand transit times for long distance exports.

As stated by Angelo Benedetti, President of UNITEC: “Spanish producers are very focused on fruit quality selection aspects in order to deliver products of consistent quality over time, also according to shelf life. At UNITEC we firmly believe we can support Spanish packing houses, thanks to our innovations and our over 20 years long presence on the Spanish territory with three operating branches. Our aim is to be at our customers’ side and to promptly respond to their needs in order to minimize work downtime costs and to guarantee smoother operations”.

The Spanish industry, as European blueberry export leader, requires a precise and consistent quality selection over time of these fruits according to the destination market. With this goal in mind, UNITEC has developed Blueberry Vision 3 – a solution for external quality selection – and UNIQ Blueberry – for internal quality selection.

UNITEC works for a better world with solutions fully conceived and manufactured in-house and by considering each fruit as the first customer – as stated by the President. Sorting fruit correctly with specific and dedicated solutions according to the characteristics of each product, means UNITEC guarantees that all fruit handled and distributed are given a correct allocation according to their specific characteristics and customers’ demands. As a matter of fact, fruit that is not suitable for the fresh market may have a second opportunity in the processing market.

Opportunities that become sustainable processes generating tangible results also as a consequence of quantity and size of the companies adopting UNITEC solutions. As a matter of fact, with over one thousand UNITEC lines for sorting blueberries installed around the world, over 10 billion blueberries are selected per year, giving a second life to more than 33 thousand tons of product which – to give a more tangible idea – correspond to about 3 thousand containers. This product is destined to markets different from the fresh fruit one, hence avoiding waste along the entire chain and final consumers dissatisfaction which would inevitably generate costs and losses in terms of turnover.

UNITEC. We work for your results and for a better world.

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