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First container with BelOrta Conference pears of new season arrived in China

belorta pears

This week, the first container with BelOrta Conference pears of the new season arrived in China. For the third year in a row, the cooperative exports Conference pears to the Chinese mainland.

The first container with freshly harvested Conference pears arrived in the port of Shanghai this week. The arrival marks the start of the third campaign with BelOrta Conference pears in China. In order to promote the Conference pear, BelOrta, in collaboration with partner Goodfarmer, will organise tastings in retail stores.

BelOrta first collaborated with Goodfarmer in 2018 to introduce the BelOrta Conference pear in China. By combining Goodfarmer’s market knowledge with BelOrta’s product expertise, BelOrta aims to make its Conference pear a must-have in Chinese supermarkets. Since the partnership started in 2018, the exported volume of conference pears has been increasing year by year.

Conference pears add variety and flavour to Chinese fresh produce section

The Conference pear differs from local Chinese pears in terms of colour and shape. Nevertheless, once tried, Chinese consumers show a great liking for the taste and texture of these pears. “As opposed to Asian pears, the Conference pear has it’s unique distinctive elegant shape. Moreover, it can be eaten both hard and crispy or soft and sweet,” explains Laurent De Smedt, Head of Division pome fruit at BelOrta. “And since Conference pears will be available in China from October to February, they are the perfect addition to the Chinese pear season.”

About BelOrta

BelOrta’s roots go all the way back to the beginning of the 20th century. From hyperlocal initiatives, BelOrta evolved into a leading Belgian fruit and vegetable cooperative auction, for and by producers. They supply up to 4,000 tonnes of fruit and vegetables every day. Via BelOrta, these products find their way to more than 70 countries worldwide. More than 1,000 growers guarantee a year-round supply of more than 170 types of vegetables, fruit and herbs – always grown locally and full of flavour.

About Goodfarmer

Goodfarmer was founded in 2002, headquartered in Shanghai, China. It is one of the most successful Chinese enterprises providing the fresh food supply chain service. Our main business is high-end fruits and 90% of fruits are Goodfarmer’s own brand, including bananas, pineapples, dragon fruits and other high-quality fruits from all over the world.
Goodfarmer has cooperated with more than 12,000 clients, and it has established a stable strategic partnership with leading global suppliers to create global supply chains. It continuously provides high-quality products to major markets and e-commerce platforms. Goodfarmer has become people’s first choice for high-quality fruits and it provides consumers with high-quality lifestyle and delivers a safer and healthier living concept.

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