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Fruit & veg: Natural Health! Of AOP VI.VA Group closes its first year with outstanding results


The three-year project (2020/2023) has received funding of 1.5 million euros from the European Union to promote well-being with fruit and vegetables.

The first year of Fruit & Veg: Natural Health! has coincided exactly with the rise of the pandemic and has suffered slowdowns, especially for the activities planned in the presence but the response of consumers has been very positive and highlights the importance of the health role of fruit and vegetables is for European consumers. Mario Tamanti – Director of AOP Vi.Va Group has talked about the results:

«This project has been presented in Europe two years ago and we never have imagined starting it at a time of great difficulty like this, but the results of the first year confirm that we have achieved the goal. The added value of our proposal is the cohesive strength of the group I represent within which there are the producers organized in our AOP. I am talking about leading companies in the national production scene such as Almaverde Bio, Apofruit, Codma, Coop Sole, Mongolfiera, Ortoromi, Terremerse, Solarelli and OP Terre di Bari. A production heritage that touches all of Italy and that emphasizes products with a high health content»

«We have focused a lot on rigorous and scientifically documented communication by accredited nutritionists«, continues Tamanti, «but also on a visual language via the social media. The website is our point of reference and we have reached, in a few months, 16,000 total views with particular attention to the products. In particular artichoke and pumpkin in Italy and Romania and currants and strawberries in Holland. Instagram and Facebook are progressively growing with over 1 million people reached overall in the three target countries and about 30,000 interactions. The most attentive and represented users are in Romania with a balance between males and females and a more represented age distribution from 18 to 40

The dissemination of the contents of the project on the European media through press releases has reached a readership of over 5 million contacts».

«The real strength of the project is the link with the production, the proposal of products coming from the most suitable areas which are characterized by a health value that today is a key element for consumers. Excellent performances of brassicas, broccoli, broccoli, cauliflower; artichokes, pumpkins, promoted in both conventional and organic versions, and winter strawberries, which are particularly attractive on the northern European market. Certainly we have lived a difficult year but we are sure that communicating the health value of products in this way gives added value to the products and producers of the Group.»

Fruit & Veg: Natural Health! is a European project promoted and developed by Vi.Va AOP Group, which gathers the participation of Apofruit, Canova Codma OP, Coop. Sole. La Mongolfiera, Pempacorer-Terremerse, Solarelli, Ortoromi and O.P. Land of Bari.

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