Intersemillas is opting for varieties with resistances and flavour

Fruit Today talked to Pablo Pérez, CEO, breeder and specialist in cucurbitaceae from Inveseed, Intersemillas’ research and development centre.
CORCEL_ALM-MAYO Intersermilla

Which characteristics differentiate Intersemillas’ melons and watermelons?

These characteristics are innovation and internal quality. All our innovations, in addition to having an original/differentiating internal quality, also have a very robust plant and intermediate resistance to powdery mildew.

The watermelon variety catalogue includes diversity in sizes and stripes, adapting to the clients requirements. The development concentrates on offering very sweet, crunchy flesh, with high production and excellent internal quality.

The most popular variety is the watermelon with micro-seeds, MENINA, with exclusive low seed content. This great mini watermelon stands out due to its production capacity and good post-harvest. It has a double use as a pollinator in the open air for the triploid varieties or as a monoculture of mini watermelons.

How is the Pinazo melon evolving? What are its main features?

Pinazo is a unique melon that is evolving well on the foreign markets. This variety belongs to the Orange Flesh melon segment from our improvement programme carried out by the R&D+i Department. The foreign markets are demanding high quality differentiating products and Pinazo includes both characteristics.

It is a traditional piel de sapo melon, but its differentiating factor lies in its orange-coloured flesh that brings great organoleptic quality and its post-harvest endurance.

If I am not mistaken, you are specialists in piel de sapo melons, but what are you developing in other typologies such as Galia, cantaloupe…?

The melon crop has an enormous economic importance for our country, as it is one of the main producers and exporters in the world. At Inveseed, we are highly aware of the sector’s needs in Spain. We are specialists in improving Piel de Sapo, Galia, Yellow and White melons for which we have created specific programmes with resistance to powdery mildew and soil fungi.

Currently, one of our challenges within the improvement programme is the conventional Galia melon.

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