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More water for La Axarquía

Over the next 6 months, the region will receive 9.1 hm³ of reclaimed water for irrigation.
Panorámica general del embalse de La Viñuela en Vélez-Málaga

A godsend. For many years, the tropical sector has been waiting for the start up of actions that alleviate the drought being experienced by the fields. And finally it seems that the steps are beginning to arrive. In January, the first stone was placed in an action that will add 9.1 hm³ of reclaimed water for irrigation in a region particularly affected by the drought, as is La Axarquía. The work on the tertiary treatments for the Peñón del Cuervo (Malaga) Waste Water Purification Station (EDAR in its Spanish initials) will connect up with the Rincón de Victoria EDAR to send the reclaimed waters from these installations to the agricultural farms included in the Plan Guaro.

For this work, the Andalusian Government has invested almost 27M€ and it has divided the work into six areas of action. The aim is to streamline the operation and be able to finish the work in just six months.

The work on El Peñón del Cuervo is included in the second Drought Decree as an action of interest for the Andalusian Autonomous community. It complements the connection project of the tertiary treatments of the Rincón de la Victoria EDAR with the irrigation in Sector 8 of the Plan Guaro to increase the water resources available for the agricultural developments.

31 hm³ more water in 2023

The Andalusian Government has started up many actions on the subject of water in order to, amongst other improvements, be able to supply more than thirty cubic hectometres of water in 2023 to the water resources of Malaga. With this work on El Peñón del Cuervo, the circle of the 31 hm³ that are going to be added to the province will be closed.

On the one hand, this volume foresees an additional 21 hm³ of reclaimed water for the farmers with the operation of the tertiary treatments of the purification plants of Torrox (2 hm³), Vélez Málaga (6 hm³), El Algarrobo (1 hm³), Rincón de la Victoria (3.1 hm³) and El Peñón del Cuervo (9.1 hm³). Of these five infrastructures, the first two have been finished and the other three are in progress.

On the other hand, the initiatives being promoted by the Andalusian Government will also allow the people from Malaga to have another 10 hm³ of drinking water.

Through this work, the Andalusian Government is guaranteeing the demand of over 50% of the irrigation of the Plan Guaro and at the same time, contributing to improve the condition of the reservoir of La Viñuela.

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