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Proexport strengthens its lines in Berlin

According to Mariano Zapata, the organisation’s President, “this year our goal is to strengthen the market share held by agriculture from the Region of Murcia and south-eastern Spain in Europe, at the same time as extending sales to other markets outside Europe.”

“Supermarkets, wholesalers, importers and food processors have passed on their concern to us regarding the possible pressure on the logistics and supply chain for fruit and vegetables. We at Proexport are facing up to the difficulties involved in producing with these rising costs, which have been speeded up by the Ukraine war. Fruit Logistica is an opportunity for dialogue, for bringing positions closer and agreeing on strategies that allow consumer demands for fruit and vegetables to be supplied, at a time of high inflation all over Europe,” Zapata explains.

In the 2021/2022 campaign, the fruit and vegetable growing companies from the Region of Murcia exported 2.5 million tonnes of fruit and vegetables for a value of over 3,000 million euros. Of this total, 730,000 tonnes went to Germany, followed by France with over 408,000 tonnes, and the United Kingdom with almost 375,000 tonnes.

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