Resistance makes the difference


At Enza Zaden, November is always a very intense month, filled with new developments, and the emphasis is on connecting with customers.

House Fair 2021 starts on the 9th of November and is open to all agricultural professionals until the 30th, three weeks of the seed company opening its doors to reveal its new products and concepts via customised meetings: participation is possible either in-person or online.

Resistance makes the difference

Since the announcement in 2020, that Enza Zaden’s research and innovation teams had discovered a highly resistant strain to ToBRFV, the company is keen to continue demonstrating the importance of resistant varieties that benefit all levels of the supply chain. Consequently, their programmes offer resistant varieties for several different crops and for the full range of markets. In addition to high resistance to this devastating ToBRFV virus that affects tomato crops all over the world, a value proposition in the field of resistant strains stands out for the pepper crop, highlighting the importance of varieties adapted and resistant to LT; and finally, turning to greenhouse crops, resistances in cucumber are also worth mentioning. Here new varieties, with resistance to CGMMV and New Delhi, make the difference.

Why is resistance so important for everyone?

Resistant varieties offer advantages for everyone involved in the supply chain: for producers, resistant varieties reduce the risk of losing a crop as well as providing a higher yield; for the supply chain, they guarantee security of supply; and lastly, for the end consumers, resistant varieties respond to the increasing demand for products free from pesticides and residues, which offer increasing sustainability and respect for the environment. Resistant varieties are one of the solutions driving the change towards more sustainable agriculture and a healthier world.

Resistant varieties, 100% organic seed

When the value added of resistance is combined with the valued added of a 100% organic seed, the result is Vitalis®, Enza Zaden’s own make, which produces 100% organic seed.  Vitalis®’s value proposition is guaranteed organic production from the outset and 100% organic traceability at all times, starting with the seed. It joins a catalogue of top varieties with resistance packages that guarantee an even larger number of organic and sustainable products, which respond to all the trends in a market where the demands for organic and sustainable products are consistently on the rise.

Want to know more?

Taking part in the event is easy: contact or the sales team to book your place and attend via your preferred medium: online or in-person.

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