Rubens® apple international Project is growing up. Delta Agrar Ltd (Serbia) new North Hemisphere Distributor

Rubens® International Project is now growing up with the official entrance of DELTA AGRAR Group (Serbia, Bosnia Erzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia) who joined the other Licensees from Austria (Efko and Stift Schotten), Germany (Elbe Obst), Italy (VOG Terlan), Suisse (Iseppi) and UK (Avalon Produce Ltd) working together to enhance Rubens® apple all over the main International market.

The farming plan forecast aims to reach in the next few years about 300 Hectares worldwide located in the Northern Hemisphere with a varietal overall global production of about 10.000 tons achieving a favourable balance between supply and demand of Rubens® apples.

Rubens® apple – the apple with an enlonged conical shape, good and regular size. The skin is bright purple red color on the most part of the surface, striped on green yellow background. The flesh is very firm, crunchy and juicy. Rubens® have ripening time 10 – 15 days after Gala. The taste is balanced with a good level of acidity – has been conceived and developed by CIV (Consorzio Italiano Vivaisti) a Consortium actives worldwide in experimental and fruit breeding programs and engaged in selecting of varieties with low impact on the environment.

All the Rubens® Partners, led by innovation and passion, shares values, experience and brand policies during periodically “Rubens® Marketing Meeting” at Bozen Interpoma Exhibition or at Berlin Fruitlogistica Exhibition.

Pier Filippo Tagliani, C.I.V. Chairman, declared: “We intend to fully support the development of Rubens® International Project of the highest quality to satisfy every player in the supply chain, from the producer to the end user at international level”.

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