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Second parts, obviously, can also be good

The second part of the European apple campaign could suffer less pressure than the first part, with the markets in a more favourable situation.

Apple sales are maintaining their improving trend and the operators expect a more relaxed market situation in the spring, with better prices for most varieties.

Although as of the 1st of January, EU apple stocks have yet to be officially completed, AMI (Agricultural Market Information) estimates that there is a volume of stored apples of around 3.8 million tonnes. A figure that means 300,000 tonnes less than on the same dates from the previous season.

This situation with lower volumes is added to the many promotions that are speeding up sales rhythms, where even the first attempts to increase the prices for Galas can be seen. However, there are some weaknesses on the market such as the record stocks of the Elstar variety in some European regions.

In view of this situation, a wave of optimism has overtaken the sector, foreseeing a substantial improvement in the second part of the campaign, which could involve an increase in prices in February and March.

The willingness of consumers to buy fruit has definitely dropped and it has continued to slow down in most European countries as a result of high inflation and the loss of spending power, but, fortunately, it would seem that the most pessimistic economic forecasts for Europe as a whole will not be met.

In Germany, according to an analysis by AMI, based on the GfK household panels, the volumes of fruit purchases dropped back to 2018 and 2019 levels with around 3.7 million tonnes of fruit. However, the latest economic data indicates that Europe could pass over the famous recession that has been announced in recent months, since this will not take place at all, or it will be much milder.

Apples from overseas

Will fewer apples come to Europe from overseas than last year from this spring onwards? We will have to wait and see, but the only important point is our hope to not see a repeat performance of the disastrous 2022 situation. Last season, 200,000 tonnes of apples were freighted overseas to the European Union, 45% of which were Pink Lady / Cripps.

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