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Fruit Logistica: a sustainable, hi-tech world

FruitLogistica, the leading European trade fair in the world fruit and vegetable trade has returned to its regular date: the first week of February.
fruit logistica

Last year, the event had over 3,300 exhibitors from 91 countries, presenting their products, services and technical solutions.

At this edition, the fair will renew its support to the entire fruit and vegetable sector supply chain, aimed at making it more efficient, reducing costs and gaining environmental efficiency. And it will do this through a series of solutions based on artificial intelligence, robotic automation, smart farming and state-of-the-art systems.

Amongst the new technologies are robotic harvesters enabled for AI, accurate spraying drones, advanced irrigation concepts, autonomous field vehicles, as well as the AI-driven platforms that help to predict conservation time or to warn about food safety risks.

FRUIT LOGISTICA’s programme content will offer useful advice about how to tackle the sector’s latest challenges, thanks to an unbeatable variety of speakers who will share their specialised knowledge through the different stages of the event.


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