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Start of the new Qtee® pear season in transition to organic

As of today, the first Qtee® pears in transition to organic of the new season are available at BelOrta. This early pear variety is being offered for the second year in a row under "EARTH", a project to support fresh fruit and vegetables in transition to organic.
belorta qtee

The sale of the first Qtee® pears in transition to organic has also kick-started the new pomes fruit season of BelOrta’s organic division. Due to the early harvest time, this pear opens the new campaign, a few weeks before the start of the Conference pears. The Qtee® pear season runs until November.

The red blushed pear with its fresh-sweet taste was planted for the first time in 2015 and is a nice addition to the assortment. This year it is still being marketed under the EARTH label for products in transition to organic, but from next year the transition period will be over and these pears will thus be sold as organic.


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