Viveros Hernandorena presents its seal of Varietal Reliability

Viveros Hernandorena

Viveros Hernandorena, specialized in fruit plants, among which kaki, stone fruit, almond, pomegranate, kiwi and fig trees stand out, this year 2022 presenting its Varietal Reliability seal, its own certification that endorses its work methodology with it seeks to offer its customers maximum security at the time of acquiring plant material.

“Our clients need to buy their plants with the maximum guarantees, that there are no faults with the variety, as it would mean significant economic losses for them. For this reason, we have designed an internal work protocol, which we ensure, at the very moment of purchase, that there will be no varietal error”, explains Rosa Hernandorena, commercial director of Viveros Hernandorena.

This protocol and guarantee materialize in a Varietal Reliability seal, which since this campaign, accompanies all orders on the label. In this seal, the image of a flower is included, due to the flower is precisely a key element to guarantee that varietal reliability.

Although this work protocol was initially established for stone Fruit,  Viveros Hernandorena are making it already extensible for all the plant material with they are working.

What does this seal imply?

Viveros Hernandorena has established three key concepts to achieve that Varietal Reliability:

  • Varietal authenticity: that is, to guarantee 100% homogeneity of the plant material used.
  • Varietal adaptability: the variety is contrasted and agronomically consolidated and, furthermore, it is stable.
  • Varietal health: guarantee the control of pests and diseases from the initial material to the final sale of the plant.

“Carrying out these three processes is what marks varietal reliability, and that we are guaranteeing with this seal,” says the commercial director.

This exhaustive control does not end when the plant is delivered. Viveros Hernandorena continues to randomly monitor to confirm that the multiplication and planting process has been carried out according to the Varietal Reliability seal.

In terms of plant health,  Viveros Hernandorena, Viveros Hernandorena is already operating according to the new Royal Decree 1054/2021 (ROPVEG) that regulates the registration of professional plant operators, the measures to be complied by operators authorized to issue phytosanitary passports and the obligations of operators professionals of reproductive plant material.

Excellent plant sales campaign

Viveros Hernandorena finish an historic month of January, with a high volume of plant sales that have never been registered before which stand out more than 150,000 persimmon plants, mainly of the Rojo Brillante variety, which accounts for 80% of its production, and which it completes with other non-astringent varieties, including Jiro and Fuyu.

In the coming months, they are confident that they will maintain the pace of sales, and especially the satisfaction of their customers, who bet and trust in the work of Viveros Hernandorena.

Next events

Viveros Hernandorena will be present at two important events in the agricultural sector in Spain:  On the one hand, AGROEXPO fair (Don Benito, March 2 to 5) and in the other hand, FIMA 2022 (Zaragoza, April 26 to 31), events where it will attend with its own stand and we will be able to learn more about its seal of Varietal Reliability.


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