“We minimise risks by maximising the ROI”

The Global e-Vent Melon & Watermelon by Rijk Zwaan will show a catalogue focussed on profitability, with important new developments in the specialities category
Angliru RZ (1)

Within the framework of a complicated campaign, both for production and for quality owing to the effects of the adverse weather conditions and with a market that is subject to the continuing increase in costs that compromise the profitability of the production, it is essential to find varieties that maximise the ROI (Return On Investment). Rijk Zwaan’s melon and watermelon catalogue offers exactly this: materials that “contribute consistency in quality and production, allowing less risks to be taken and costs to be adjusted,” Bernardo Cuenca, Global Melon and Watermelon Coordinator for EMEA, explains.

From the 4th to the 12th of July, they will display this during their Global e-Vent Melon & Watermelon, located at the CED La Palma in the Campo de Cartagena.

There, they will reveal new developments in specialities, focussed on European supermarkets and they will present new concepts with different formats, textures, colours and consumer experiences, aimed at companies interested in strategic developments. And the fact is that “we do not work with the product alone, but we also find solutions that motivate melon and watermelon consumption.”

Specialities aside, Bernardo Cuenca advances some of the launches that those attending will be able to see:

Corellana RZ

It is a mini watermelon of the Sugar baby type, of 1.5-2 kg, with high productivity, good post-harvest, thin skin and an extensive productive cycle (national and counter-season). “It is the first variety of a new solution for the market.”

62-TT3676 RZ F1 (Tropical)

This year, within its Tropical concept (triploid watermelons with flesh colours that are not red), they are presenting a new development that will accompany Tropical Sunshine: 62-TT3676 RZ, yellow-fleshed and with Tiger skin, highly productive, top quality and perfectly sized for export.

New Galia melons

In melons, they are incorporating the Galia melons Angliru RZ and Teleno RZ. The first variety, for greenhouse growing, stands out for its high uniformity, quality, production and great flavour; and Teleno RZ continues along the same lines, but aimed at open air cultivation.

Charentais LSL

Within the Charentais long shelf life (LSL) melons for Almeria, Rijk Zwaan includes 34-CL3502 RZ for greenhouse growing, within the Ready-to-eat concept.

For Murcia, there are another two LSL varieties: Escudero (early cycle) and Dilucia (medium cycle).

And much more

As with the specialities line, Rijk Zwaan will take advantage of the Cartagena seminars to present “in a guided way” the characteristics of its new developments in yellow and piel de sapo melons. Over the last two campaigns, they have been showing their productive value and their added value, Bernardo Cuenca adds.

Concepts that are already widely known such as Mellissimo (piel de sapo), Ready to eat in Charentais Long Life and Sandissima in watermelons, in addition to root stock and open air courgettes will not be missing from this event.

All of them may be seen in the fields and also in guided contents through their online study with clients and with the chain, although it is expected that this year the international on-site visits will be back in force.

At the Global e-Vent they will likewise develop open talks with directed subjects such as quality, post-harvest or technology applied to production efficiency, the essential pillars on which Rijk Zwaan is based. “Our aim is to improve the consistency in quality and risk management, maximising the quality with varieties that help to reduce costs all along the chain.”

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