A Minister on the move in the Hayward kiwi orchards

Last Friday 8 June, the French Minister of Agriculture and Food, Mr Stéphane TRAVERT, made a visit to the south west. He took advantage of the opportunity to pass by the approved organic farm of one of our kiwi-growing members, Laurent Betbeder, in Josse. The Minister highlighted the importance of the kiwi sector, calling it “the area’s excellence and history”.

SCAAP Kiwifruits was thus honoured on this ministerial day, what with the Minister himself admitting to having “thoroughly enjoyed coming to the Landes department.” It gave SCAAP the opportunity to show some of the highest people in the government the innovation ability our farmers have had for several decades now. From 1982 they have, effectively, been able to create a strong cooperative group by François LAFITTE’s side with a shared desire: defending the prices of their products as well as possible and investing in industrial tools together.

Logically, creating a brand (Oscar®) in 1980 and then a commercial structure (PRIMLAND) has allowed their Adour kiwis to make their way to the market. Today, this subsidiary sells Oscar kiwis in more than 35 countries throughout the world including China – the country where kiwis originate from – for over €32 million in 2018.

SCAAP hasn’t stopped developing and evolving, especially by implementing rigorous specifications in order to defend quality sectors like Label Rouge (Adour kiwi) and organic farming. In 1992, the Amou Cooperative started the Label Rouge quality initiative. The SCAAP and Amou Fruit Cooperative merger allowed SCAAP Kiwifruits France to develop. Since 2002, it has been committed to an organic farming approach.

Today, SCAAP has secured 240 members that benefit from its technical advice. Furthermore, they actively support young farmers setting up in the areas that grow innovative products such as the Nergi® mini kiwis and the Oscar Gold® yellow kiwis.

“Welcoming the minister into our orchards gave us the chance to show him the importance and the quality of the Landes kiwi sector. In the field he was able to realise the considerable work our farmers do each day to offer high-quality fruit to consumers throughout the world” President François LAFITTE highlighted.

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