A New Gold Nugget for the Idyl Groupe

In the continuity of its development, the Idyl Groupe is expanding and announces the launch of its start-up: Maghreb Palm Biotechnologies.
The opening of this new company reflects the desire of the Idyl Groupe to strengthen its specialist position in agricultural development. Located near Agadir, Morocco, the Maghreb Palm Biotechnologies laboratory now provides certified vitro seedlings to the Moroccan and North African markets, to the Near and Middle East countries and the date producing countries in Asia. Specialised in the organogenesis multiplication method, Maghreb Palm complies with all international technical requirements and guarantees the purity of the plants and their strong productivity potential. The Maghreb Palm laboratory offers high agronomic and commercial potential varieties like Mejhoul, Boufegous, Bouzekri, Aziza and has full capacity to satisfy any other specific requirements.
In the best interest of its clients, Maghreb Palm has an “à la carte” service available to ensure the success of their project: structure of their new palm plantation, advice, follow up and technology transfer.
Maghreb Palm certified vitro-seedlings are top quality products that have not only an excellent phytosanitary status but also a high productive potential.
A new website, created for producers and investors, presents the Maghreb Palm Biotechnologies activities and provides them with information on processing.

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