Advanced-stage test pear plantations thanks to the project UniBo University of Bologna – CIV Consorzio Italiano Vivaisti.

UniBo-CIV ready to collaborate with the main producers and operators in the ‘”Pear Sector” in Italy and Europe.

 The University of Bologna, together with Consorzio Italiano Vivaisti (CIV) from San Giuseppe di Comacchio (Ferrara), is proud to announce the new initiative with respect to the following new UNIBO-CIV Pear Varieties: Lucy Sweet® PA1UNIBO*, Early Giulia® PA1UNIBO*, Debby Green® PA1UNIBO*, and Lucy Red® PA1UNIBO*

This initiative offers the opportunity to any European grower to establish advanced-stage test pear plantations directly in its property. The main goal is to enlarge the range of testing growing conditions and to shift the focus away from small dispersed experimental sites towards larger more ‘commercial-styled’ plots.

UNIBO-CIV are actively searching for and interested in engaging with key producers or stakeholders in the pear industry, both in Italy and in the rest of Europe. As part of the promotional activity, participation in the project will be under special conditions, as well an attempt to diffuse and share the results of University’s research activity with the industry.

It is worth remarking that each interested participant shall order the testing trees to UNIBO-CIV within July 2018 in order to enable the authorised nurseries to graft the requested trees.

Please find here more information about these pear varieties:

For further information as to how order testing trees and in general on this initiative, please write to

“We hope to include as many key stakeholders in the pear industry, and we look forward to the response to this important public call” – jointly asserted UNIBO & CIV

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