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Algitama increases its preparation capacity

The recent renovation of its infrastructure will give the company greater growth capacity.

In total, the new space has been extended by 30,000 square metres and with the new warehouse alone, the processing space makes up 2,500 metres.

The restructuring has meant, amongst other things, the inclusion of a canteen for employees, a new reception area and a zone that has been exclusively fitted out for melon classification. All of this is aimed at obtaining the IFS certificate at the end of this year.

The outer area, which has a concrete layer of 5,000 square metres is especially devoted to packaging and around 33 hanegadas (1 hanegada = 840 m2) are planned to be incorporated as trial fields around the building.

The melon is the company’s historic produce and the fruit that has brought brand awareness to the company thanks to its excellent quality results. Six years ago they launched the Mini Oro melon (with a weight of between 1.4 and 1.8 kg), which today is the company’s star product, revolutionising the supermarket shelves and that is sold by unit and not by weight.

In general, the melon season is developing favourably, but “the demand for watermelon is extraordinary, possibly due to the never-ending heat wave,” Ramón Gil, an executive from the company explains.

“In terms of volume, watermelon sales could grow by around 30% and melon sales by 20%, due to the company’s progression”, Gil comments.

Local production

In accordance with today’s consumer trends, Algitama has opted for local production with farmers from the Alto Palencia region (Castellón), where it has recently incorporated trial fields for native vegetables, amongst which are green beans, courgettes, Valencian tomatoes, lima beans, etc.

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