Bringing back the flavours of times gone by for new consumers

Flavour, freshness, aroma, health… we at Jimbofresh are a group of farmers who are passionate about traditional farming methods and we have a common goal: bringing back the feelings of yesteryear, when each fruit had the flavour that we still remember; we want to bring back the melon’s original flavour.

New consumers are increasingly demanding when they do their shopping. They buy every day and for them the appearance of the produce is a secondary factor. The top priority above all else is the flavour. These new consumers are the young “millenials”.

They are the ones demanding produce with high organoleptic quality, which at the same time satisfies their other essential aspirations: a healthy product, with an attractive preparation and, in addition, which is produced by a company with good social practices, committed to environmental protection and that carries out honest trade.

This is the reason that has led Jimbofresh to make a decided commitment towards the growing of traditional melon varieties that are easily recognised by their aroma, their smooth, juicy flesh, but above all, by their flavour. In exchange for these magnificent qualities, these varieties require a greater effort and more attention during their production and they must be harvested more often, at their perfect point of ripeness.

While we are cultivating these varieties, we look after even the smallest detail, from the seed to its tasting by the consumer. This is the reason behind the development of our own work philosophy that involves a complete dedication and exquisite care for the produce.

All our crops are our own production, grown on the best land. El Campo de Cartagena is an ideal place for growing melons due to the fertility of the fields and a suitable climate. These reasons have made it into a region with a longstanding melon-growing tradition, with origins that go back to the beginning of the 20th century.

This is where the best farmers can be found, the ones that have kept the secret of growing the traditional varieties, generation after generation, following sustainable productions methods that take the workers’ welfare into account.

Our philosophy continues to be the same that was instilled in us by our forefathers: returning the flavours that consumers miss, this feeling, almost lost, of the intense flavour of fruit and vegetables, the flavour that our parents and grandparents talk about nostalgically.



The traditional varieties must be harvested more often, exactly at their perfect point of ripeness.


Traditional varieties have a lower yield due to their traditional, artisanal production methods.


The traditional varieties are very aromatic, as they are very climacteric, offering consumers unforgettable sensations.


When the end customer buys a traditional melon, it is the flavour that is remembered and makes them repeat the purchase.


The traditional varieties have acquired an optimum point of aroma and flavour at harvesting, therefore the end customer trusts they will be able to savour a “melon that tastes of melon.”


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