Bringing life to the soil to prevent disease


Koppert recommends bringing back the biodiversity that is lost after greenhouse disinfection

Soil is much more than a support for crops. It contains an important natural biodiversity, as it is the habitat of a large amount of beneficial organisms that contribute to the crop’s health. The disinfection process turns the soil into a completely sterile support, containing no life at all. The lack of beneficial microorganisms makes it easier for pathogens to quickly colonise the soil and attack the crops from the roots up.

To start the next campaign with soil that is in the best condition, its beneficial biodiversity must be recovered as soon as possible to prevent the proliferation of pathogens that will damage the crop’s health. To do this, Koppert has a unique system based on the combined use of three products that bring back the lost biodiversity to the soil, quickly and effectively.

The first step to fine tuning the soil starts when the saplings are growing in the seedbeds. This is the perfect moment to start applying the biological fungicide Trianum to increase the development of the root system. This application of Trianum must be combined with VidiParva, a natural rooting powder which, in addition to increasing the plants’ root systems, is also food for the beneficial microorganisms that help them to grow quicker. With the use of Trianum and VidiParva in the seedbeds, we will obtain saplings that are already colonised with beneficial microorganisms and with strong root systems that will ensure their subsequent good development in the fields. In short, it is the best start to guarantee a healthy crop throughout its entire life cycle.

Once the plants have been sown in the greenhouse, Trianum and VidiParva are once again necessary to strengthen the soil and the plants and to stimulate the creation of new roots that will make the plants grow quicker. The application of ProSatus C is also recommended from the moment of sowing and throughout the entire crop cycle to fill the soil with life and with beneficial microorganisms. The combined use of Trianum, Vidi Parva and ProSatus C helps, to a large extent, have a soil that is rich, balanced, healthy and more fertile to produce more and better quality.


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