, an example of good management

In just a few years, the company located in Torreblanca (Castellón), has turned into a healthy company, with a constant increase in marketed volumes

Its high specialisation, mainly in its own production and preparation of high quality tangerines, both with and without leaves, has meant that the company has increased its marketing every year. “We know that the farmers are the mainstay of the business, because without a good product all the work that comes with it is meaningless. In recent campaigns we have managed to get very good rates, which has made it easier for us to incorporate new associates,” explains Jesus Cucala, sales manager at

“We have turned into specialists in a single product and a type of customer and this focus might be behind our fast growth rate,” the executive states.

100% of the production is sent to the European market, where, in order of volume, the following destinations stand out: France, Belgium, Holland, Germany and England. Our brand name Llona is widely known on the wholesale markets in these countries, where we present our produce boxed in 7 and 10 kilo packages.

As is normal in the sector, the company from Castellón starts its work in September, with the harvesting of the earliest varieties. Regarding the reigning variety, ‘the Clemenules’, Cucala indicates that “we think that its value will continue to rise. It is a variety that has been pigeon-holed at present; therefore its price on the market has not experienced the same growth as other more recent varieties.”

In spite of this, some of the farmers have opted for other initiatives, planting the Tango club variety. “When they make these types of investment, as well as when they are ready to introduce protection systems for their crops in order to improve the quality of the fruit, at Campos de Alcalá S.L. we help them with the investments they make.”

In the near future, the company will take on some technological changes, with the incorporation of a new electronic calibrator standing out, in its constant drive to improve quality in order to satisfy all their customers.

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