Citrosol’s Portable laboratories

The Valencian company is launching a worldwide innovation onto the market, which will help the everyday work at fruit and vegetable facilities

The Easy Kit® is the result of the joint research work between the Universidad de Valencia, Iata-CSIC and Citrosol. They are small portable laboratories that give results in one hour.

The results are fantastic as our clients are performing their own analyzes, with real fruit, and in less than an hour the test results are known; the data that allows them to know if their treatments in respect of residues on the fruit are better than distribution requirements or if they are below effective levels needed in terms of the homogeneity of the concentrations to control decay“, said Juanjo Ferrandis, manager of the EASY KIT® project.

Currently shipments to Asian markets are continuing to grow and until now an exporter has needed several days to obtain the results of analysis by an accredited laboratory. “Three days to acquire data related to fungicide concentrations is too long as, if the results are found to be outside acceptable limits, the merchandise has already started travelling to its destination. However, now our clients can use the EASY KIT® right there in the packinghouse and in less than an hour know the results and act accordingly, correcting and avoiding unwanted situations, and providing greater room for adjustment“, emphasized Ferrandis.

Thanks to EASY KIT® you can adjust the doses of the treatments to comply to the MRLs of the distribution chain. Already, this new system analyzes Imazalil, Pyrimethanil and Orthophenylphenol.

EASY KIT® is simple to use, economical and fast in obtaining results. Analyzes of treatment solutions and waxes require only 25-30 minutes depending on the number of samples analysed, and in the case of measuring residual levels on the fruit, several samples can be analyzed in just 40-45 minutes.

There is no other similar tool for portable, quick, simple and low-cost analysis of post-harvest residues and fungicides in situ, right there on the shop floor” emphasized Benito Orihuel, the company’s CEO and Science Director.

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