Enza: leafy vegetables for all cycles


The company is extending its range in virtually all categories, providing resistances and quality in the different crop growing regions.

Enza Zaden continues researching and developing new varieties of leafy vegetables adapted to the different growing methods: ridging, high-density planting or the Eazyleaf brand concept for direct sowing or transplanting and mechanised harvesting.

The seed company offers an extensive portfolio with Iceberg, lettuce hearts, Little Gem and mini Romaines for complete cycles, with all the resistances and for the different growing regions on mainland Spain. Many with 100% ecological seed options from its subsidiary, Vitalis.

This year it is presenting new developments in different categories. In Iceberg, it is launching four: Kravitz, Enio, Nahifa and E01E11608 (Pelayo type, with resistance to Bremia and aphids, “which is not necessary in the winter, but with climate change could become so,” explains Vicente Sanz, the Sales Manager). All of them contribute greater yield in the fields and uniformity, as well as improved shape.

In Lettuce Hearts and Little Gem, there are two new proposals for midwinter: Invernalia and Akelarre, and another two for the spring, 01G11505 y 01G11195. For the summer, they have Arjona and Alatriste with the complete package of resistances.

The range of specialities is worth mentioning, where they are presenting two innovations in red leaf and whole green, Akane (lollo rosso) and Labiba (biondo) for transplanting in autumn, winter and spring. “They have been developed for use as whole leaves for sandwiches or hamburgers due to the important thickness of the leaf. They have a short stalk and leaves measuring 25×25”.

In the EazyLeaf concept, the latest development is the green apollo Tracker and the red Rhone, both for autumn-winter-spring, with weight and hardiness.

In the Romaines segment, the mini Xucinta continues to be promoted, providing strength in the winter and with all the resistances; and for export, Anduril (English heart for early harvests), Delcaso (giving continuity to Anduril in the Winter) and Babieca (for two pieces on the English market.)

In endives, they are incorporating the smooth endive, Toniance and the curly version for spring, Miliari, the two with high tolerance to fringe burn.

In brassicas, they have conventional cauliflowers such as Chione (90 day cycle, it brings whiteness and uniformity par excellence); Maimon (120-125 days, strong plant with very compact, white heads); and Teleno (110 days for spring harvesting).

All of them may be seen at their next House Fair from the 9th to the 22nd of December at El Albujón (Murcia) with personalised visits and top safety measures. “The pandemic has not affected our promotion and marketing activity. We continue to work alongside our clients both virtually and in person, to show them new developments, concepts… and to bring them solutions.”

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