Sweet potato, the trendsetter

Not only in the Anglo-Saxon or Hispanic countries, in Spain it is also now beginning to have a sustained demand.

Spaniards are beginning to put sweet potatoes into their shopping baskets and it is changing from being an exotic product to being present on the supermarket shelves. And it is also considered to be a superfood.

This is the conclusion reached by Juan and Natalio Montalbán, from the company from Cadiz, Taliflor, which markets around 10 million kilos of this root vegetable every year.

Time has marked out the conversion of a company whose most important produce over a decade ago were flowers and carrots. Today, it no longer markets flowers and the carrot production has been stabilised, giving way to the sweet potato, with which it has been increasing at a good rate for the past four years. It also markets butternut squashes.

The company, which uses the brand name Montalbán, is highly specialised in all the European countries.

Of its 600 hectares of production, around 30 are devoted to bio produce, which season by season, is increasing both in surface area and in demand.

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