Europlátano: “we are looking to the future”


Once the eruption of Cumbre Vieja ended, now it is time to look to the future

Europlátano is concentrating its efforts on recovering its production capacity after three months of a non-stop series of problems, including facing up to a drop in production in its packaging plants, which ended in redundancies. But prior to this both Europlátano and other packaging companies on the island were overcome by the new in line processes required by the bunches of bananas, harvested under a vast sea of ash, which scratched the skin of the fruit and needed different suction and washing processes, non-existent prior to this period. And that obviously made the costs shoot up, both in the fields and in the warehouses.

At the general assembly that the members of the Organisation of Producers held in December, it became obvious that “much of what can be achieved from here on will depend on the farmers and their common interest, in order for the work on their fruit to face up to the administration and be compensated, as well as getting back to the island’s full production capacity.”

Furthermore, the company continues with proposals for the future to consolidate its strategy on the mainland. For many years now, it has been working to cover all the processes on the chain, from the fields to ripening. The Mercamusa foundation started its journey first by marketing green fruit and then ripe fruit from its plant in Alicante, where it has already reached 85% of its capacity. The company also has its own offices in Bilbao.

Europlátano is one of the six organisations encompassed under the denomination Plátano de Canarias. It was founded in 1992 by 43 farmers from the Valle de Aridane, who placed their trust in the quality of the fruit as the only mark of differentiation. A result of this effort is the well-known premium brand Gabaceras, from La Palma, El Hierro and Tenerife. All its farms hold the GlobalGap certification.

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