Experts in blueberry machinery

Companies such as Onubafruit are backing the new associative weighing machine from Induser, a system that combines delicacy, accuracy and multi-format packaging

The growth of the Huelva sector and its diversification through berries has pushed forward the need for services and tools adapted to the specific requirements of these very delicate, light-weighted fruits. As regards the machinery, one of the latest solutions that stands out is the line of high performance blueberry filling machines from Induser, which are made up of an associative weighing machine and a packager that can adapt to different formats (cups, hinged tubs, clamshells and the latest trend, buckets) in an automated way. The key point of this new generation of filling machines is the high accuracy (1 gram margin of error); thanks to its combined software that performs the weighing process in an associative way. “To develop it, we followed associative weighing models in industry and adapted them to fruit,” explains Pedro Martínez, the sales manager of this company from Almeria. Additionally, the process has been adapted to this type of fruit by adding a mesh at the start of the chain to eliminate flowers and stalks, a pre-calibrated phase to discard the non-commercial fruit and a padding system along the entire chain to prevent bumps and rubbing, maintaining the blueberries in perfect conditions until the containers are filled.

Reference companies such as Onubafruit have already placed their trust in this system, implementing it in the installations of two of their handling centres. Previously, Induser has worked with other companies such as Plusberries or Fresgarrido, installing several weighing and packaging lines.

Specialised in the blueberry and cherry segment, the company is developing turnkey machinery solutions, adapting to the needs of each of its customers and customising the production lines. Amongst its most recent work the largest automatic packaging machine for ecological cherries in Spain stands out, installed in Biosabor, with a production capacity of four tonnes per hour (13,200 tubs).

In the stone fruit segment, last year they developed a new all-purpose line of weighing and packaging in tubs for the company from Zaragoza, Huerta Campojara. This line could be used to handle cherries, apricots and plums, reducing the losses thanks to the ‘product stopper’ system, which prevents product from being dropped during transport between stations.

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