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Fashion® is strengthening its commitment to the SDGs


With the launch of the campaign: “Our commitment to you: Caring for the planet,” it is placing a much more sustainable watermelon at consumers’ disposal

“A society is defined not only by what it creates, but by what it refuses to destroy (John C. Sawhill)”. With this quote by the person who was the former CEO of The Nature Conservancy and Rector of the New York University (NYU), Fashion® watermelon, the brand from the AGF Group, wants to illustrate its commitment to sustainability, which goes beyond its commitment to society’s health and well-being (they have been collaborating with the Spanish Heart Foundation for over a decade) to take a step further and also become committed to the planet’s health.

In order to do this, they are working on a Comprehensive Sustainability Plan that is translated into a road map with specific steps around five main points: reduction in emissions, a circular economy, regenerative agriculture, health and well-being, and social responsibility. All of this will be included in a report that will review the fulfilment and commitment to the UN’s 2030 SDGs on a yearly basis.

On the subject of emission reduction, they are starting with a firm commitment towards more sustainable packing with a new box designed by Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada. The design and selection of materials will allow the emissions over the next 5 years to be reduced by over 400t of CO2, as well as saving over 1,100t of cellulose and 190t of dyes.

The side of the new box states: “The design of this packaging and its manufacturing process include greater respect for the environment. Therefore, you will enjoy your Fashion® watermelon while you also look after our environment,” and it includes a QR code that leads to the website with further information about the sustainability actions, interesting data and advice to help look after the planet.

Joaquín Hidalgo, General Manager of the AGF Group, guarantees that “our concern about sustainability has become a strategic priority. Companies and civil society must lead the change to a circular economy model. At the AGF Group, we are committed to the use of regenerative agriculture to conserve fertile soil, as well as a digital transformation to a 4.0 agriculture that helps us to maintain and extend productivity, while making a rational use of the resources. The company has always prioritised planning its production in a responsible way in order to ensure its sustainability and to ensure it does not contribute to any overproduction that will lead us, without fail, to an unbalanced situation between offer and demand, and that are always against the interests of the producers”.

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