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“Brand: strong support and important safety”

Navarro de Haro

Agrícola Navarro de Haro repeats its commitment to Fashion and extends its watermelon production surface area

In a context of economic crisis such as the present one, some consumers opt for the distributor’s brands as a way of saving money, and others prefer to opt for consolidated brands that bring purchase safety. This is particularly pronounced in the case of watermelons, with the Fashion brand as their main bastion, as it is the one that opened up the way for the others. The company Agrícola Navarro de Haro, from Almeria, is one of the most important producers of Fashion and the manager, José Navarro Flores, reaffirms their commitment to this brand. “Relying on a consolidated brand that marks the difference in quality means both strong support and important safety. In spite of last year’s complicated campaign, Fashion maintained its sales and its customers stayed with us,” he recalls.

In this 2020/21 campaign, “surprisingly consumption has balanced out. As people are staying at home more, they have demanded and eaten more fruit and vegetables and the absence of the Horeca channel has been substituted by the supermarkets, which have increased their sales. In our case, we haven’t had to make any changes,” he affirms regarding the programming.

This year, Agrícola Navarro de Haro will increase watermelon production, with 800 hectares and 53 million kilos amongst Fashion, seedless striped and mini watermelons. All of them with quality as their common point.

To manage this increase in volumes, they have opened up another watermelon warehouse, which will allow them to work in greater comfort, as in their main installations the surface area could not be increased any further.

Regarding the machinery, they are announcing another new development. “We are committed to technology to control irrigation, fertilizing and other processes that the crops need to improve the production process,” the manager explains.

They are also carrying out trials with new varieties, working alongside the seed companies to continue finding opportunities to improve and extend their range.

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