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Flavour without juice

Eugen Seed has recently launched the Desértico tomato variety, which stands out due to its texture and cooking versatility

90% of the research by the Italian seed company, Eugen Seed concentrates on the development of tomato varieties. They are looking for produce with flavour, traditional and with great hardiness, in short “tomatoes that are pleasant to eat”, Jerónimo Ortega, a salesman from the company explains.

One of the latest, highly successful incorporations is Desértico, for long cycle and mid-September plantations. It is a juiceless tomato that brings great versatility when cooked in different ways and it also is included in the flavour category that is inherent throughout its line of development. “Both farmers and marketers like it, due to its agronomic characteristics and resistances”. This is its first year being marketed in Spain, but it has an important commercial history in Italy.

During the trade fair Infoagro Exhibition, in Almeria, the company also revealed some of their most representative varieties, such as the pink ribbed tomato, Pinky Star, the black Marmande tomato, Moresco or the beefsteak tomato, Volley, characterised by their good consistency and closure, as well as their tolerance to the yellow leaf curl virus. In this last segment, beefsteak tomatoes, Ortega advances to Fruit Today that a new pink coloured variety will be launched in the near future, in line with its Huevos de Toro variety of the same colour.

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